General questions about Ambicar

1. Can I use Ambicar in any vehicle ?
You can. Ambicar allows for the installation of the fragrance dispenser in any 12V outlet of a vehicle independently of brand or model.

2. What differs Ambicar from other car air fresheners ?
Ambicar is an innovative air freshening concept: the first universal, electric and rechargeable fragrance dispenser for cars, which also fits perfectly into the interior design of the vehicle. The fragrance dispenser, when connected to any car's AC outlet, gently releases the microcapsuled fragrances (0% alcohol) contained within the inserted fragrance-tablets.

Questions concerning the fragrance dispenser

1. How durable is the fragrance dispenser ?
Since we dedicated ourselves to quality and safety, Ambicar was developed for maximum durability and longevity. If treated adequately, it can even keep its functionality up for 5-7 years.

2. Can the fragrance dispenser stay connected for longer periods of time ?
The Ambicar fragrance dispenser can stay connected continually and safely. Current consumption is a marginal 2 watts. However, in case the vehicle is not in use for 20 or more days, we recommend disconnecting the dispenser from the electric outlet.

3. Should the aforementioned case come true, could Ambicar damage the battery of my vehicle ?
No. In case of non usage of the car, several months would have to pass in order to completely drain the vehicle battery due to Ambicar’s current consumption. We recommend switching off Ambicar in this case, mainly to preserve the life span of the fragrance tablets.

4. Does the fragrance dispenser have to be removed from the power outlet in order to switch it off? ?
No. The lateral spring mountings of Ambicar are designed in such a way, that only a slight backwards pull is necessary to deactivate it. A red LED on the dispenser indicates whether it is activated. If the LED is not glowing, Ambicar is switched off.

Questions concerning the fragrance tablets

1. How long do the fragance tablets last ?
Two Ambicar fragrance tablets will last for 60 days at an average usage rate of 4-6 hours a day. To optimize the life span of the tablets, we recommend switching off the fragrance dispenser when not using the vehicle.

2. How and when should I change the fragrance-tablets ?
The tablets should be exchanged in cold state whenever they have lost their aromatic properties.

3. Does Ambicar also work with only one tablet ?
The Ambicar fragrance dispenser should preferably be mounted with two fragrance-tablets. Usage with only a single tablet, while possible, will not reach optimum fragrance intensity.

4. Can I combine fragrance tablets of different scents ?
Sure. Many drivers have already discovered their favorite scent by doing so!

Questions about where to buy Ambicar air fresheners and refills

1. Can I purchase Ambicar online ?
Ambicar products are also with multiple online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm and Snapdeal. Browse our products or fragrances to know what you can buy.

2. Are refills available for ambicar products ?
You can find them on online retail sites like Flipkart, Amazon,paytm and Snapdeal .

Questions about quality and the environment

1. Does Ambicar meet international quality standards ?
Absolutely. Ambicar is a patented product with registered trademark which meets the following legal standards:

2. How can Ambicar help me to respect the environment ?
With Ambicar, we count on high quality products with high longevity, therefore avoiding one way fragrance dispensers which cause a considerable amount of waste.