Reasons to innovate

« Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower » --- (Steve Jobs)

AMBICAR is definitely a NEW CONCEPT of AIR FRESHENING TECHNOLOGY for cars. But, as it is with every new idea or concept, it has to be original, simple and practical, as well as being of an optimum design. With this in mind, we have created a new air freshener for cars, which:
+ poses a solution for the outflows of fluid-based devices, which could harm the interior of your car
+ offers a perfect integration into the interior design of any car
+ represents a high grade product for drivers who value driving quality and safety
+ an on-demand fragrance diffusing device which responds further than just being powered by ventilation.
+ a high end solution for drivers who care about both exterior and interior driving quality.
+ is future-oriented, universal, safe, aesthetic, convenient, refillable and individual

AMBICAR - The Electric Air Freshener for Your Car

Our fragrances consist of a solid material, are absolutely safe and react to a controllable trigger, thanks to the technology of the fragrance dispenser. Ambicar offers microcapsuled fragrances based on natural high-quality essences with which solid fragrance-tablets are impregnated. All fragrances are designed with regards to current trends in perfumes, exclusively using essences without alcohol and without solvents of any kind, meaning without any health risks whatsoever.

Ambicar relies on quality and longevity of all products. It is a patented product with registered trademark and meets the following legal quality standards: