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Product Design & Precision Engineering”

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Our Story

Since the inception of our business in 2003, we have earned our reputation from the precision engineered medical instruments, innovative hinges and mechanical design, medical accessory design and engineering development.
As our engineers recognized the unmet needs to satisfy the growing mobile life style, we naturally started to design something on our own.
The first engineering model was met with high acclaim from our friends and existing customers, so we decided to share the experience with consumers around the globe. Our products are now available over 17 countries through selective private label customers and resellers.

What We Believe

Our design philosophy is SIMPLE, SMART and iNNOVATIVE. Innovation is the process of creating something new. It does not happen overnight. We strive for a better way of doing something with better and more convenient solutions.
Our design philosophy is to maintain a balance between simplicity and practical functionaly through quality product engineering and high quality control. The cradle-less, 360 degree rotatable smartphone mount product incorporates unique smooth torque methanism, with a simple and world smallest compact design and is made of highest quality anodized aluminum alloy and rare earth Neodymium permanet magnet composite that holds up to accomdoate most smartphones devices in the market.